OCHO Self-Guided Chocolate Tasting Journey

Embracing a new era of responsible consumption and production, OCHO’s “less is more” philosophy means you will notice a big difference between our bars and what large chocolate manufacturers make. 

Be prepared to have your ideas about chocolate challenged. We allow the cacao bean to lead the way in terms of flavour and texture.

Our bean to bar tasting journeys which are held in the factory viewing room (The CHOCtagon) are available during opening hours (seasonal variations occur so check online availability).

For $25 per person, you will get 10 samples to taste, and a bar of chocolate of your choice to take away with you. The tasting journeys start on the hour and half hour.

The tasting journey narrative is delivered by video. 

You can spend as little as 10 minutes or as long as 30 minutes - because it is self-guided, it's up to you.

Please note that this is self guided, and that although the factory is staffed weekdays, there may not be anything exciting happening during your visit. 

Children who wish to have their own tasting journey box of samples will need to pay full price, but younger children are welcome to share with an adult for no charge.