Media Links - 2nd December 2023 - 19th September 2023 

This article with OCHO chocolatier Tipene Ngāpaki emphasises the historical association of slavery within the chocolate industry, emphasising that it has been upon the labour of enslaved individuals. It encourages consumers to be aware of the journey from cacao bean to chocolate bar and to choose products that are free from slavery and child labour. This article advises consumers to consider the origin and sourcing of their luxury and commodity items, advocating for products that are locally sourced to reduce the carbon footprint. By supporting brands that use South Pacific cacao beans, consumers can contribute to both supporting local and lowering their carbon footprint compared to products that involve multiple global exchanges. - 19th August 2022

‘Kea Kids News’ is a news platform designed for children aged 7-11, with the aim of engaging and exciting them about current affairs. In this report, it delves into the question of whether chocolate can have a dark side. Angela Howell, OCHO Chocolate’s General Manager, highlights the troubling reality of poor practices, including slavery and child exploitation, in chocolate production. - 3rd June 2022

OCHO Chocolate, a new player in the chocolate industry, is gaining ground with an innovative marketing strategy. Following Cadbury’s factory closure in 2018. OCHO, supported by investors through PledgeMe, has introduced a ‘tasting journey’ box that includes ten samples, including two commercial competitors, one from New Zealand and one from overseas. Manager Angela Howell belived this approach allows consumers to appreciate the difference in taste and quality, offering a more fulfilling experience while consuming less. - 15th March 2022

OCHO Chocolate, a small Dunedin-based chocolate company, is causing an outbreak of chocolate bunnies in New Zealand after the closure of Cadbury’s factory in 2018. The close of Cadbury’s factory led to the loss of 350 jobs and marked the first year in nearly nine decades that Cadbury did not offer locally made chocolate and eggs. OCHO Chocolate was founded as a response to Cadbury’s departure, and their recent $10 pack-of-three chocolate bunnies has quickly gained popularity. These milk chocolate bunnies, made with 48% cacao from Papua New Guinea, have been a hit. - 9th November 2021

Dunedin’s OCHO Chocolate Company, which emerged after Cadbury’s departure from the city, has successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign to fun its expansion. The company achieved its maximum target of $500,000 from 604 pledges, with an initial $280,000 coming from existing shareholders. OCHO, known for its bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturing and ethical sourcing, was established in response to Cadbury’s exit in 2018, securing significant crowdfunding in 2019.