Our Chocolate

We believe that chocolate is something you can and should feel good about. Craft chocolate is a delicious, healthy, sustainable treat that is good for the growers, makers, and eaters alike.

Feeling good about chocolate

Right from the beginning Liz’s philosophy was to source all our cacao beans from farmers in the Pacific Islands. Today, we still visit our suppliers and ensure they’re paid a fair price for their beans. The beans are shipped directly to New Zealand and then every step of the hands-on bean-to-bar process is done under one roof at our small factory.

Keeping it simple

It turns out that making real chocolate is pretty simple - you need cacao beans and sugar, and something to refine them in. Our dark craft chocolate is still made with only two ingredients, the production is still hands-on and we are constantly testing and tasting to make our chocolate better. Beans are hand sorted, before being roasted, winnowed, refined and conched, then tempered and moulded into bars and finally wrapped for chocolate lovers to enjoy.

Tasting tips

To get the full flavour of the chocolate, let each piece melt a little in your mouth. When choosing a bar, don’t just consider the cacao content. Sometimes a higher cacao content can taste softer than a lower content bar because of the different beans used.