OCHO recognises that sustainability is an integral part of our mission.

How is OCHO sustainable?

  • We purchase our beans from the pacific to be able to support the growers and to reduce the amount of food miles. The longest distance that the beans travel to get to New Zealand is 4,916km, which is from Papua New Guinea. 
  • There is no product waste, every compound of the raw cacao beans is utilised. The inner nib of the bean creates the delicious Ocho chocolate and the outer husk of the bean goes to a local garden centre, and is used in people's gardens. 
  • The packaging that we use for our chocolate is compostable. Disposal of our packaging includes removing the sticker and our craft packaging can be recycled. 
  • We aim to be an anti-print factory, only printing and using paper when necessary 
  • We do acknowledge that we are not a completely sustainable factory but we are always working in more sustainable business practices to replace current practices 
  • We currently have a Bronze level Qualmark Sustainable Tourism Business Award