Most of our bars are vegan, with the exception the two below. Our Milk chocolate contains milk powder, and the Beekeeper contains manuka honey and bee pollen.
Our factory is nut and gluten free. With the exception of our milk chocolate, all of our bars are dairy and soy free.
Technically the answer is no. There’s a big ‘but’ when we talk about our chocolate as not being organic because we know the cacao farmers don't use any chemicals or ‘non-organic’ methods in processing the raw beans. We know because we visit them and check. It is also a cost to the supplier to obtain organic status, and we want to ensure they get as much money for their work as possible. We think the cost of certification for our cacao farmers outweighs the benefits so we would rather just keep things simple.
The Cadbury Factory site will be the home to Dunedin’s new hospital. While we campaigned to save the factory, our crowdfunding efforts were to raise money to move to a larger premises in Dunedin, purchase some new equipment to keep chocolate making skills in the city. You can keep up to date with our progress on our blog or by joining our OCHO community for monthly updates.
We thought it would be best to look for beans as close to home as possible so we get our beans from Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Samoa, and Fiji. Our bars are single-origin so that means we don’t mix all the beans together, we make small batches using beans from individual farmers. You’ll can find the farmer co-operative name stamped on the back of each chocolate bar.
We ship via courier (Monday to Friday within New Zealand) and aim for overnight delivery in the South Island and a two day service to the North Island. Rural delivery may take a little longer. Shipping is $8 for urban delivery and $12.50 for rural delivery for any quantity of goods up to $100, and free over that amount. We use Aramex and NZ Couriers for deliveries and some areas are classed as rural - if you're unsure please check here: https://www.addresscheck.co.nz/
Shipping from the website is only available to New Zealand and Australia. Please select the correct weight option for shipping to Australia to avoid delays
If you would like to sell OCHO Chocolate in your retail outlet, please contact sales@ocho.co.nz
We love helping your business stand out as an ethical business, and gifting our chocolate with your brand on it is a sweet way to get your message out. Please email sales@ocho.co.nz for more details