The job of keeping an accurate share register of over 3700 shareholders is a huge job and OCHO has joined forces with Orchestra to help us manage our legal obligations, without the need for additional staff.


No more OCHO shares are being issued, but we are facilitating trading between those who wish to buy and those who wish to sell. Please note that OCHO provides an introduction between those who wish to sell and those who wish to buy and you will need to liaise with each other to compete the transaction and paperwork (similar to a trade me transaction). 

If you would like to buy or sell OCHO shares, please complete this form


If you would like to arrange a share transfer, please download this form and fill out the required information. Email a copy to or mail it to 10 Roberts St, Dunedin. 


Fill out a share transfer form as per above with the executor to the estate signing on behalf of the transferor.


All of your contact details as shareholders are managed through a third party "Orchestra" Please use the email we have for you on file to create your account after which you can manage and amend any of your details, including your email address


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