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ok, not great

taste, ok. packaging, not great. I thought it looked a bit shoddy the way the hearts sat in the cardboard.

The Best of the Best

This is my favourite of all time chocolate, nothing else beats it. Absolute elegance in a bar

Easter Bunnies

Very enjoyable

Thank you for the chocolate. I have so many dietary restrictions and your chocolate is just beautiful.

Deliciously smooth with a warm fnish

This is the ultimate indulgence. Take the time to gently stir through warming milk to be rewarded with a smooth delicious chocolate flavor, with spices that gently warm you through.

Sugar Free Easter Bunnies

Much smaller than I thought they would be so a bit disappointing

Easter Gift Pack
Kathy I'Anson
In England thinking of you

I was delighted to find this delicious Easter gift pack which I was able to order using the website for my daughter who is in Dunedin studying for an MBA. When there were problems with an incomplete address, the staff at Ocho were were helpful!

$29 Value - Ocho Monthly Subscription

Salted Caramel
Barbara Bamford
Didn't receive it. The chocolate is wonderful. The courier company is terrible.

Didn't receive it. The chocolate is wonderful. The courier company - Asendia - is terrible. If you're in Australia you're better off ordering your Ocho chocolate through The Chocolate Bar in Wellington. They seem to have found a delivery company that actually delivers.

Sugar Free Easter Bunnies
Melissa Morrison
Easter Bunnies Sugar free YUM

Really lovely flavour chocolate, not your generic kind has a sweet kind of tang to it.

Smooth and full of flavour

Waited till Easter to try this - and it was worth the wait! Deliciously smooth and full of flavour without any one note being overpowering.

Hot Cross Bun

Intense dark chocolate flavour, with yummy Easter spices. A real treat.

The perfect hot chocolate

I often find that instant hot chocolates are missing something, but this one is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy with a full, chocolatey depth. Yum!

Hot Cross Bunnies
Jo Mcmullan

Hot Cross Bunnies

I gave them to a diabetic vegan and he is IN LOVE with them! Thanks for making this possible.


Absolutely delicious, it is rich and has depth of flavour and different notes exactly like coffee, its not just a sugary blast, its a real indulgence having your morning hot choc, and this one has zero sugar🎉 its such an amazing product for me as I am going sugar free.
I got the best results making it with full cream organic cows milk, blue top also gets great flavour results if u don't like full cream. I will be trying almond milk and a frother next time.
I did try it with a home made batch of oat milk, but my oat milk was watery And thick at the same time (I think I overheated the starch) and I found i definitely prefer the full cream cows milk or blue top.

88% Cacao PNG
Lisa Thomsen

88% Cacao PNG

Hot Cross Bunnies
Deborah Foote
Hot cross bunnies

Loved the spicy dark chocolate. A treat.

Sugar free the way to be

Smooth, full flavoured and the added advantage of no extra calories. A treat still but not a guilty one.

Easter Gift Pack
Kris Baxter
too early to tell

Easter has not arrived yet and I've been bombarded with messages asking me how the product is and what I think of OCHO. Perhaps waiting until after Easter would be more apt, because until then, whilst delivery was good, I have no idea if the price was worth it for 3 little bunnies and a chocolate bar.

Horopito & Kawakawa 66% bar

Pleasant dissolving dark smoothness on palate - mildly native spice and berries with gentle sweetness. Okay!

88% Cacao PNG
Jessica Halliday
Best chocolate made in AotearoaNZ

This chocolate is complex, interesting and satisfying. It's my favourite.

Chocolate Fish
Patricia Pateman

They were lovely. Will purchase them again.

Heck, just walk into the shop and it brightens your day to get taste buds buying!

Short Black
Robert Stainthorpe
Musings from an ex-oompa-loompa

Oh, it's terrible! Is there any more?