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Our Chocolate


2018 is the year of action!


Happy New Year. We took a short break over Christmas but are now back into full swing making chocolate and planning the year ahead. 2018 promises to be exciting with the opening of our new production space sometime around the middle of the year.


Share issue


PledgeMe are very close to finishing the process required to issue all of the shares available from the PledgeMe campaign. The major hold up is that 150 people were not verified (you will know if you have not been verified if you have not paid for your shares!) This could be for two reasons:

  1. Identity was not verified

  2. Address was not verified

PledgeMe have been trying their best to get in touch with the unverified Pledgers, just in case they made a spelling mistake. If they are unable to get in touch with the Pledgers by Friday, 26 January, their shares will be offered to those on the Waitlist.

Once all shareholders have been verified, the list of shares issued and shareholders will be available on the Companies Office website. This will be the official record. 


Transfer of ownership


If you would like to transfer your shares at any stage, please download the Transfer of Ownership form here. Enter your details in Microsoft Word, print, sign, scan and email to contact@ocho.co.nz.


Update contact details


Please send an email to contact@ocho.co.nz with your updated contact details.