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Our Chocolate

OCHO is planning to expand. 

On November 13 we're launching a crowd-funding campaign to raise $2M in equity to fund this expansion. That money will be spent on things like new equipment, a new production space, more staff to make chocolate and more cocoa beans to make more chocolate!

The campaign is being run by PledgeMe. There's lots of information on their website to tell you how to make a pledge. The basic details are reproduced below, but check out their site for more information. We'll have an offer document available this week with all the background we can tell you about the campaign and what we're going to do if we're successful. 

The PledgeMe website is www.pledgeme.co.nz

The following info is from their site: 

We're here to make it simple to pledge to projects you love.

  1. Sign up (or sign in) by clicking on the "Join Now" button. Use Facebook Connect or create a PledgeMe account.
  2. Find the the project you want to support, enter how much you want to pledge in the $ field or select a reward you want. The reward you're eligible for costs the same or less than the amount you're wanting to pledge.
  3. Click "Review and Confirm" to make sure your pledge looks right. Then, enter your credit card details and add your address. Your card details will be turned into a token by our secure transaction provider, and we'll charge that token if the project meets its goal by the deadline. Your address and rewards details will only be passed on to the creator if the project is successful.
  4. Once you've confirmed your pledge, you will receive an email and you'll be able to see the pledge details in your profile.


Keep in mind that when you pledge on a project the amount is not immediately debited from your credit card. Your pledge is only charged if the project is successful and is charged approximately 24-48 hours after the campaign deadline.