Wholesale for Non-Carton Units

Active from 1st January 2024

As OCHO matures, we are putting in place systems that allow us to scale. As such, our wholesale system only allows us to dispatch cartons. Your business is very valuable to us but in the new year, any orders of non-carton quantities will need to go through our online retail shop as that is setup to dispatch singles not cartons. 

To provide this as wholesale prices, we have created a discount code you will need to use at the checkout  [ wsale2024 ] and will need to pay at time of ordering. The minimum order value is $150 but courier is free

The alternative is to continue to use Upstock but to order cartons which are:

Number of sellable pieces per carton

Product and style/ size


Boxed milk love hearts


Animals - Bunnies, Fish, Penguins, Sheep


Large 95 g bars, Tasting Boxes


Drinking Chocolate


Square 40g blocks

The minimum order via Upstock is also $150 and shipping is included for orders over $300 value. You also pay on invoice - payment terms are  the 20th of the following month. https://www.upstock.app/wholesalers/ocho

Our products all have between 12-24 months shelf life Best Before date, and we do offer to replace with fresh stock anything that is approaching its Best Before date as long as there’s two full months left, and it’s been stored correctly.