OCHO Tasting Journey Deal

Tasting Journey Deal

Twice the fun, share with another chocolate lover! Two for one tasting deal. Come visit OCHO Chocolate Factory, enjoy a free visit in the factory and then take a tasting journey from bean to bar. Compare brands you might know to the tastes of our Pacific single origin chocolate and be amazed at the differences. Book now to enjoy your Pacific Taste test and compare craft vs industrial chocolate.

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Have you ever wondered how we capture and transform incredible chocolate bean flavours into single origin bars? During our factory tour you’ll take a taste journey from bean to bar and discover the differences between single origin craft chocolate and mass-produced industrial chocolate. It’s said a picture says a thousand words, but a taste transportation speaks volumes to your chocolate appreciation. Your tasting guide will share inside knowledge of the chocolate making process so you’ll leave with a fine understanding of the value of craft chocolate creators, an enhanced palate and admiration for committed craft manufacturing.


Free visits. Open Weekdays 10am-3pm. Weekends 10am-2pm. Pop in to see inside the chocolate factory. During the week crafters are on site. At weekends onsite guides offer more leisurely free tours. Tasting journeys available with just 10-15 minutes notice. $10 per person. More notice appreciated for groups of 10+ Onsite Shop with special deals and often test batches - try your luck.