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The Beans

OCHO buys all its beans from Pacific countries. Not only are we supporting 'local' but we can also minimise the distance the beans travel before they are processed. Most of our beans come from Papua New Guinea with some from Samoa. We are hoping to get some beans from the Solomon Islands soon. All our beans are grown by small cocoa farmers on family land.

wagi-mr-laurie-kolia.jpgThe farmers follow good block management practices and use central processing units to ensure the best quality beans. They grow, harvest, ferment and dry the beans, then pack them into 64kg sacks before sending to a central export company where they are checked and certified as export-grade.

export-quality-control.jpg The farmers want to increase their own knowledge and skills and improve the lives of their communities, many of which don’t have electricity or running water. OCHO is happy to support the farmers by paying good prices for their beans.

The beans are sent by truck to Lae, PNG’s second major port, where they are loaded on to a ship for Auckland. After checking by MPI officials, they are sent by truck from Auckland to Dunedin. Simple.