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Our chocolate is made from cocoa beans that come from the Pacific Islands direct to New Zealand. They are grown by farmer-owned co-operatives and exported by a company owned by the farmers. OCHO believes in fair deals, so we are happy to pay good prices for the beans knowing that all the money the farmers make is invested back into their communities.  Each 95g bar is single origin so the flavour may vary a little from bar to bar depending on which co-operative the beans came from, but it means it is fully traceable. Look for rich berry and stone-fruit flavours with a raison & currant finish.  You can find out more about the people who grow the beans that we use here. The bars are made with only two ingredients – cocoa nibs and sugar (the sugar free bar is made with stevianna). Our chocolate is dairy, gluten and soy free.

The Beans


OCHO’s intention is to only use beans from Pacific countries to minimise the distance the beans travel before they are processed.

Most of our beans come from Marobe Province, in Papua New Guinea and are grown by small cocoa cooperatives owned by the farmers. We also source beans from the Solomon Islands and hope to add further island nations to our list in future. 





Once in Dunedin, the beans are processed. We use simple equipment and our processes are very hands-on because none of our equipment is automated.