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Fastest crowd-funding campaign in PledgeMe history

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We did it! We raised $2 million in 32 hours, which was the fastest crowd-funding campaign in PledgeMe's history. There are a lot of chocolate-lovers out there and a lot of people who are really supportive of our principles, which include keeping jobs & skills in Dunedin.

So, thank you everyone. We're stoked.

It was really gratifying to get that result after a lot of hard work to get the project up and running. The media deserve our thanks for getting behind the campaign, especially the AM Show and The Project on TV3. Jim O'Malley's appearances on these two shows alone generated enough interest to crash the PledgeMe site more than once.

Nice as it was to get the money, the best outcome has been that more than 3,500 people pledged their support, which is also the largest number for any PledgeMe equity campaign. We deliberately kept the share price low in the hopes that it would allow lots of people to get in and buy a share. One of our key values has been to encourage a broad base of community support for our project and the large number of new OCHO shareholders proves that we've met that goal. Unfortunately quite a few people missed out because the campaign happened so quickly. We simply can't go over the $2 million mark because that's all we're legally allowed to raise through crowd-funding in any 12 month period. There is a chance that a few of our pledges won't pass the verification checks, so PledgeMe is keeping a list of people who are still keen to buy shares if any come available. Contact them if you want to be on that list.

Exciting though it's been, it's a fact that this is just the beginning of the hard work. Our immediate next steps are to confirm the lease on new premises where we can fit out a bigger production space, and order new chocolate-making machinery from Italy. Everything going to plan we'll be ready to commission the new premises by mid next year.

In the meantime, we'll keep making chocolate at 22 Vogel St. This space is designed so people can look through the windows and see what's happening, so if you're in Dunedin and interested in chocolate, please come & visit. We have a small cafe and shop at the front of the building, which will probably stay operating as is for some time as we won't be ready for tours at the new premises for a year at least. 

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